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someone told me that i am like a surly smurf.
hurryar, yeah, no, i dont know.
in any case, what i find interesting is that i come across as surly. the synonyms for which are bearish, boorish, brusque, churlish, crabbed, crabby, cross, crusty, curmudgeonly(??), discourteous, dour, fractious, glum, grouchy, ill-mannered, ill-natured, irritable, morose, perverse, rude, saturnine, sulky, sullen, testy, ugly, uncivil, and ungracious, to name a few. if you were wondering. (thanks goes to
the antonyms? gentle, and pleasant.


apparently the smurf part is supposed to compensate for the surly part.
wonderful. my redeeming feature is that i am a blue midget.

see, i no lie

MOAR shiny lightssss

yep you guessed it

well fucked if i know why, but i rather like this one

i had the most wonderful idea for an art installation.
there should be this big dome window thing set up somewhere, and it should be foggy all the time,
and there should be this robot machine thing that kind of randomly draws patterns all over it.
yeah, i know, how awesome is thatttttt.

a foggy window was all that stood between me and an alien trying to zap me with its lasers

fascinating fact #56: as this photo was being taken, they were talking about george bush on the radio


extremely large pineapples

hello i am a merry, go round me 

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